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Rate cut talk gathers pace

by Jamie Henry | Mortgage Broker News | February 11, 2015

More experts are joining the voices calling for a further cut in interest rates when the Bank of Canada announces its decision next month.

The bank’s senior deputy governor Carolyn Wilkins said yesterday that “the economy still has room to grow” and that the bank’s monetary policy will “support the needed adjustments.” She said that the economy needs to adjust to the lower oil prices and that the bank doesn’t want to do anything that could stifle that.

The labour market is one of the main areas of concern, especially with lay-offs in the energy sector, along with output and Ms. Wilkins believes that the gaps will close over time. She says that low and stable inflation will help boost investment and prompt the creation of more jobs.

The Bank of Montreal’s senior economist Benjamin Reitzes says that we should “Look for another rate cut in March, and don’t count out further easing.”

The rate decision will be announced on Mar. 4.