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6 Tips to Set Your Home Apart From its Competition and Sell Quickly

By THEREDPINTEAM | Red Pin Realty | May 5, 2015

In order to sell a house, the owner’s job is to do everything they possibly can to make sure the house appears to be in the best shape to potential buyers. Although this may require some work, it will contribute to getting your house noticed, and further getting that ‘sold’ sign on your lawn.

Below are 6 tips to set any home apart from its competition and sell quickly.

1. Smart Decision Making Will Make Your Home Cooler Than Your Neighbours

In order to make tours and viewings of your home more memorable, it’s important that the house doesn’t resemble the same house down the street. That doesn’t mean go out and invest tons of money into renovations that might not pay off. According to a 2013 article in Realtor Magazine, some renovations such as adding an extra bathroom, redoing the floors or installing new shingles on the roof, might not be worth it. According to Forbes. “The data suggests that the nationwide average amount recouped for a bathroom remodel is about 58 percent. For a new roof, it’s even less. If you’re going to invest in home improvements, do your research and be sure to put your money into the things that are likely to get you the best return.”

2. Don’t Get Too Attached when Pricing the Home Correctly

It’s easy to become very attached to a home after considering all of the investments you’ve put into it. Try not to get sucked into the mindset of pricing your home for more than what someone is willing to pay for it. Pricing your home involves research and strategic decision making. It involves comparing similar properties, tracking market trends, along with other factors such as location, size, upgrades, home condition and more. HGTV recommends finding out what your home is worth and then shaving off 15 to 20 percent of the price. This may result in being chased by multiple offers, even in the worst market. Listing a home for less is a risk that most sellers are not willing to take, however it’s the single best strategy, when selling a home in today’s market.

3. How to Make Your Home Unavoidable to Home Buyers in a Home Listing

Putting a “for sale” sign on your lawn is simple and will catch the attention of those in the area. To really find targeted buyers, the listing must include quality photos and the right information. Part of our 8 steps to selling includes making a bold visual statement.

“Homeowners can optimize the space they are given by taking pictures of the most appealing areas of their home and including details of other areas in the actual text. For example, if the property has several fruit trees, a private driveway or easy access to downtown amenities, these should be included in the listing,” Coldwell Banker.

4. Hit the Breaks! Give Your House Curb Appeal

Showing off your home is a lot like a first date. If you look terrible from a distance, you will get stood up. Be sure to give potential buyers and neighbours something to look at by ensuring the house looks appealing from far. That means ditching any type of strange looking lawn ornaments and cleaning up dishevelled bushes and loosely strewn leaves. If you must, feel free to hire a third party company to take care of all the above. You may want to consider getting in touch with a junk removal service. Remember, presentation is everything, as is the first impression.

5. Be Visible and Available to Home Buyers At All Times …Or As Often As Possible

Keeping your home available and tidy for showings is very crucial. It’s simple, if your home can’t be visited and shown to potential buyers, it’s likely it won’t sell. Reader’s Digest recommends that you “don’t make it difficult for agents to get their clients into your home – if they have to make appointments way in advance, or can only show it during a very restrictive time frame, they will likely just cross your place off the list and go show the places that are easy to get into.” A small investment in time can give your home a competitive advantage over homes in the neighbourhood that are also fighting for attention.

6. De-personalize and De-clutter Your Home

The ultimate goal of showing off a home is to make the customer feel as though their life is so incomplete without it, and this they must absolutely own it! Before you begin showing off the property, especially before hosting an open house, remove everything that embodies your personality. Put away any photos, posters, paintings, religious paraphernalia, or anything else that makes the home into your personal storage. This allows potential buyers to envision what the space would look like with their personal touches and belongings.